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Kibela Jewellery Kibela Jewellery Kibela Jewellery
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 With over 200 clients including St. John’s, Newfoundland and Tofino, British Columbia, the finest silver jewellery is now available through Canada’s best jewellery dealers.

“Responsibly Produced, Ethically Purveyed” the mission statement of Canada’s oldest independent nationally distributed brand of fine jewellery, means more than just product. IGD Company. believes that their clients are entitled to the very best products available as well as a level of service unparalleled in the industry. For over 20 years Kibela  brand products. have provided  the finest and most inspiring jewellery available now under the distribution of IGD Company you will also receive the most extensive personal and dedicated support and attention to detail throughout the entire client relationship.

 Growth has excelled in the Global Recession for Kibela  brand products. for several reasons. Primarily the quality and magnitude of product (Kibela produces rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, chains and a Couture Line) in sterling silver with over 200 different fine precious and semi precious gemstones. Their product offering has over 2500 unique pieces all hand made by skilled Gold and Silver smiths. Kibela’s contemporary designs become “heirloom” pieces made with such dedication to quality that they will be handed down throughout generations. Unique in the industry, Kibela introduces over 150 NEW designs every year, a testament to the dedication of the design team headed by Alexander Leith with contributions by designers from Italy, Switzerland and New York.

Kibela’s exceptional growth has also been stimulated by the high current price of gold (which we believe will continue to stay at or above the $1600 US per ounce price point) allowing a growth market within high end jewellery stores who had historically shunned silver as the “lesser” precious metal. Current gold sales are primarily in white gold setting as such, the introduction to fine, semi precious gem stones in silver with exceptional setting quality, has provided those jewellery stores with excellent price point products.

Kibela brand products are exceptional for the Spring of 2013 line filled with gem stones from all over the world. The unique and extraordinary combined with the finest quality is why fine retailers across Canada insist upon jewellery by Kibela..

KIBELA brand products are distributed world wide by
Impeccable Global Distribution Company

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